Il libro dell’acqua
Il libro dell’acqua
Il libro dell'acqua| 2013

Details of the work:

Work type: Installation
Year: 2013
Technique: Aluminum, iron, Murano glass
Dimensions: base 400 x 400 cm, aluminum book 100 x 2200 cm
55th International Art Exhibition “La Biennale di Venezia” Collateral events – Italy

Il libro dell’acqua

Information on the work:

Exhibited at the Monastery of St. Nicholas, at the Lido of Venice, on the occasion of the International Art Biennial, it is presented as a large book placed in the open air at the center of the cloister. You “read” stories of journeys accompanied by dreams and hopes often drowned in a relentless sea, ready to engulf any illusion of freedom and peace.

With “I libri d’acqua” the artist focuses on the theme of migration as a total social phenomenon. At the center of his reflection is the importance of human mobility as an expression of a fundamental freedom of movement and aspiration to emancipation, which the artist expresses symbolically through the journey. The works are dominated by the presence of the sea, now clear and limpid now black as tar, now calm and reassuring now impetuous and distressing. On these waters float nests laden with little creatures that send the memory back to the boats of migrants who, in all ages, have sailed the seas looking for a place to build a new home.

“The Water Books” are part of the theme developed in recent years by the artist with “Oltre il nido”, a project born from the reflection on the theme of the house as primary aspiration and fundamental right of the human being, symbolically represented by the nest. The latter was also presented in Rome in 2010 at the Mercati di Traiano in the presence of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano.

Il libro dell’acqua

For the realization of his works, the artist draws from the millenary Venetian craftsmanship the use of precious materials such as glass and paper.

The main installation was accompanied by works, paintings and sculptures, part of the complex project “I Libri d’acqua” as well as a video documentary on the creation of the work, enriched by insights on the themes of the exhibition with a particular focus on art. 13 of the DUDU (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

Il libro dell’acqua

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